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Save All Bees is SABIO & DALRRD Registered    

Staying true to our name, Save All Bees are enthusiastic bee keepers, passionate about the conservation of the African honey bee (Apis Mellifera Scutellata).

We believe, that by humanely removing bees which pose a hazard to people or animals, from any structure, be it man made or natural, we are promoting the survival of a worldwide endangered species.

We service the greater Gauteng region of South Africa.


Make A Difference, Help Save the Bees!

Really great service. Left a message with them and they got to me promptly, communicated well and removed the hive with no fuss at all. Bonus was to able to buy some of the best tasting honey I've had as well.

Steven Riley

So I realized I had Bees in my wall. 1st I thought I could get rid of them myself...oh no. Along comes Save All Bees and start removing the honey and cakes. Man, was I impressed!. So much honey, cake after cake. What an excellent job they did. Thanks guys. You were great!

Remerez Bekker

Responded in minutes to my question. Great service and advice!

Hennie Fourie

Own the process, engage clients well and thoughtful in conducting their work! well worth using if you require bees to be removed and relocated.

AJ Gatley

I called with an urgent situation (at a creche) late on a Friday. Quick response, excellent service and very polite management and staff.


Best in business, excellent services!

Nickson Chinseu

We never kill bees

We never kill bees

We never kill bees

We never kill bees

We never kill bees

By calling us now you already made a great choice in the survival of the bee species!

Every little bit helps the greater good of the world. You can save bees too!

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