Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove bees from a structure?

This question has many answers. As bee removal experts we can assure you that our methods of bee removals are effective and safe. Removing the bees yourself is possible but it can be extremely dangerous.

I see a swarm of bees in my backyard. Should I be worried?

A swarm of bees can mean different things. It may be an indication of scouts, or a swarm that just moved in, and is looking for a place to build. Chances are you wont be able to tell the difference.

Call us at 083 744 5670 will send out one of our professionals to safely remove the swarm and relocate them.

Can bees cause extensive damage to my property?

Yes, keep in mind that bees can create many problems for us humans. Bees can make honey in structures that can seep through walls, ceilings, light fittings etc. This can cause mold, rotting, smells, and attract other insect and rodents that might become a bigger problem in the future. That’s when cost goes up. It is better to take care of the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. Our experts can handle any job, any size, no matter if it’s hidden or not.

Can I prevent bees from entering my home or business?

You really can’t prevent bees from creating a hive on your property. Bees only need the smallest opening to enter your structure, and those hives can expand to the entire inside of the walls and cavities. As soon as you suspect that you have a problem you should call Save All Bees and our great technicians that are ready to tackle and job will come to assist.

You can call us at 083 744 5670 and we will send out an expert.

Will the bees go away?

Good question. It really depends on how long they have been there, and when you noticed them. If the bees have not created a hive yet, the chances of them leaving with some encouragement from our experts is good.

Will the bees come back?

If the job is done properly, and in a timely manner, they shouldn’t come back. However, if the removal site is not closed up and the cavity filled in, there is a good change of re-occurrence of the problem.

How fast can they create a hive?

Within 72 hours from entering your structure.

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