Our Mission


At Save All Bees, Our main aim is to save the African bee from extinction. Specializing in the safe and humane removal and re-hiving of feral African Bee colonies (Apis Mellifera Scutellata).

Staying true to our name, Save All Bees are enthusiastic bee keepers, passionate about the conservation of the African bee. We believe, that by removing bees which pose a hazard to people or animals, from any structure, be it man made or natural, we are promoting the survival of a worldwide endangered species.

Save All Bees pays close attention to all the needs of their clients by allocating competent and experienced personnel.

Concurrently, we constantly seek to improve our personnel’s technical capability, quality of service and specialized equipment. To this end, we have implemented a quality management system, aligned to the requirements of ISO 9001, as well as continuously review training and implement requirements.

The Save All Bees Quality Management System encompasses the detailed definition of client requirements, service excellence and the protection and conservation of the African Bee.